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 My Testimony:

In August 2000, I decided to begin my life long journey to find a purpose for my life to learn, integrate, and embrace myself from personal core issues. “For many years I often struggled and wondered why I was attracting negative people, events, and circumstances into my life.  I just knew deep in my heart that there was something, someone out there that would ease my mind.

Every day I would hear negative words in my head and from other people, unknowingly at that time, it was those words themselves that were affecting me, I had grown so accustomed to hearing them I began to believe them.  I got so good at believing them, that I was attracting the problems to myself like bees to honey. 

It became plainly obvious that I was getting myself nowhere, and it was all out of the habit of repeating those negative words and feelings that were creating those circumstances to my life.  I became tired, frustrated, and, upset with it, I wanted to quit, I wanted out. I wasn’t feeling good about writing, work, exercising, diets, my life, my family or anything else.  Mostly the biggest effect it was having was on my health.  And then it happened, my body, mind, and soul just couldn’t handle the stress of everything, so my body gave me a wake-up call with a heart attack at the age of 43.

I knew I needed a change.  I had done my best to forget, deny, run away, and even suppress my inner core issues.  I sought counseling from some of the best in the state,  went to church, prayed, meditated, and studied every program out there I could find, I did anything there was to get rid of the pain, trusting that it would help me.  Nothing worked, it still came back time after time, and I felt like I was being haunted or cursed. 

Then I found what I was looking for, through studying and applying many resources, and teachings, what many people believe it is impossible. It wasn’t until my awakening showed me.  It has healed me from the source.  Now I fully learned how easy it really was to eliminate the pain of my issues that was causing me.  All the studying and applying the programs has helped me overcome my fears, hurts, core issues, unhealthful thinking, and so much more than I could ever imagine, and I am so grateful. It has changed my life. This system will show you how to stop struggling and start becoming successful in any circumstances.

Since then, my passion and mission has changed.  Now that passion is to share this experience. From the deaf and hearing impaired communities, to as many people as possible, my mission is simple now, show and teach others that they too can become successful in any circumstances and stop struggling, the most of all I know this system works and I am living proof of that.”  ~Angel Heide