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About, Statements of Power

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          Deaf author believes "Statements of Power" pocketbook can transform lives

About me, my name is Heide Hargreaves, I am also well known as Angel Heide, I am an accomplished author, Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Business Owner, Mentor/Coach, Fitness Instructor/Trainer, and Confidante.

I am also deaf/hearing impaired, I can hear and speak well. I often get asked why I nicknamed myself as Angel Heide? I had many clients, friends, and strangers have often told me that "you are an Angel that has been sent". From that time and on I knew I was an Angel, I realized later that the word "Angel" meant "A messenger from God".

I Have Always Believed that I Had A Purpose In My Life To Help Others And I Knew That I Was Meant To Make A Greatest Gift To The Everyone, I Had Many Gifts That Was Given To Me and I Had No Idea What Or How I Was Going To Do It Or Make It To Happen

My personal view of the "Statements of Power" presented here in my book is my belief that the Law of Attraction works within our statements in our thoughts and the way we speak out in every one of us.

"For many years I often struggled and wondered why I was attracting negative people, events, and circumstances into my life. I just knew deep in my heart that there was something, out there that would ease my mind.

Every day I would hear negative words in my head and from other people, unknowingly at that time, it was those words themselves that were affecting me, I had grown so accustomed to hearing them I began to believe them. I got so good at believing them, that I was attracting the problems to myself like bees to honey.

It became plainly obvious that I was getting myself nowhere, and it was all out of the habit of repeating those negative words and feelings that were creating those circumstances to my life. I became tired, frustrated, and, upset with it, I wanted to quit, I wanted out. I wasn’t feeling good about writing, work, exercising, diets, my life, my family or anything else. Mostly the biggest effect it was having was on my health. And then it happened one day, my body, mind, and soul just couldn’t handle the stress of everything, so my body gave me a wake-up call with a heart attack at the age of 43. I knew I needed a change.

Then one day, while in a bookstore at Barnes & Noble Café in Arizona an year and half ago, I was listening and watching my American Sign Language (ASL) Law of Attraction group members discussing about what words and statements were self limiting and negative and positive to say. The idea began, I realized there were books and other resources that would teach us how to speak and think positive, however, the readers would read, believe, and think they understand then put the book on the shelf and forget about it while it collects dust. I knew that method would not work, because they would forget about what they have learned.

After awhile, our habits would sneak back then often wondered why we did not attract what we want? I realized and discovered there were no actual statements that physically show what is negative and positive by training and disciplining our mind before we speak. And I realized how can we know what is the right statements to say when we never have learned how to say it right? I felt within me the compelling desire to write a book that will show actual negative and positive statements. Then I realized how can anyone remember what they read and actually make the changes? The only way to change and train our mind is to have the book around with us everywhere, that will allow us to look up the statements till it becomes our new mindset.

With every intention I began my quest taking notes, writing, while watching, observing, listening, and experiencing every statement that was brought up by my group members, and the thoughts, feelings, the way I spoke, and other people I interacted with; creating this guidebook of statements that everyone could use daily everywhere they go.

At the same time I took the opportunity to apply and experience changing the way I thought and spoke by responding differently with my new positive statements. As I started studying and practicing the positive statements that is found within my "Statements of Power" pocketbook, I began to discover something, I know it sounds crazy, but the only way I can describe it is to say that in one moment, the air around me changed and everything within my surroundings and experiences caused a big shift in my behavior, thinking, awakening, awareness, attitudes, and the way I spoke. I felt joy, peace, happiness with my new positive statements. As I started mastering the positive statements in my thoughts and the way I spoke, I began to attract and manifest more positive outcomes into my life and onto others as well, it all started to drastically change for the better. I realized that the power of our positive statements will transcend all of our limitations.

This book gave me a new mission to share with the deaf and hearing communities, to as many people as possible by showing and teaching how you can transform your negative statements to positive by becoming successful in any circumstances..

My purpose in my book is to help you to create and master awareness and provide an effective solution to help yourself to manifest and attract more positive outcomes to your life and others daily.

The real changes happen when you are eliminating negative statements from your thoughts and the way you speak by being aware of it.

To make the long term changes yo u must make the transformation change of your statement from the inside and out it will make an incredible impact on your life and business." ~Heide H~