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Primordial Success Mastery (TM)

Primordial Success Mastery (TM) LLC

"From the very beginning: Self Mastery, Healing the Source."

What is Primordial Success Mastery TM?




1. constituting a beginning; giving origin to something derived or developed;
original; elementary: primordial forms of life.
2. Embryology . first formed.
3. pertaining to or existing at or from the very beginning: primordial matter.
Middle English  < Late Latin prīmōrdiālis  of the beginning


[mas-tuh-ree, mah-stuh-]


1. command or grasp, as of a subject: a mastery of Italian.
2. superiority or victory: mastery over one's enemies.

1175–1225; master  + -y3 ;  replacing Middle English maistrie  < Old French


  An self mastery healing program to gain success by helping to improve, transform and renew the mind and core by manifesting healing power from within to master the primary source of all spiritual, emotional, and health conflicts from the very beginning


 Would you like to learn how to heal the source of most of your health, inner core, success, depressions, and mind issues in three 6-10 minute sessions per day?  Of course your answer is YES.  Sign up now for the Primordial Success Mastery (TM) mentoring program

Every week new articles are published in the news, health magazines, newspapers, internet, and many more verifying that there is one inner core source is the beginning source of most physical, emotional, and mental afflictions.

Since the news is out there...Why are we not doing something about it?  

 Is your main source of problem causing you more anxiety and why are you re-experiencing it?  Because you are missing the key that all problems originate from a core source, that you are not aware of.  (Consciously and unconsciously).

Did you know that 97% of people DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT the primordial SOURCE of ALL THEIR PROBLEMS OR ISSUES IS?  EVERYONE HAS IT!

Wouldn’t you want to know what it is and learn from someone who has been there and experienced it?  

We specialize in helping you to heal the primordial source of most of your health, inner core, success blocks, unhappiness, and mind issues and eliminate it once and for all in a simple, quick, and effortless way from the core.

You do have the power to heal yourself...

                                               You will feel better...

                                                                 more happier...

                                                                              sleep better...                              

                                                                                             and more at peace...


It is here, it is your chance to learn and discover:


The 12 Secret Keys To Happiness And Healing

The Main Source Of All Problems/Issues From Primordial. 


  1. There is only one main source of cause of health issues/problem/disease.
  2. The one source is caused by an inner source problem in the body.
  3. The issues of the inner core are the healing center/control mechanic.
  4. Cleaning out the hard drive in your mind, body, core, and emotions.
  5. Your subconscious mind may be making you sick.
  6. Fixing and healing your habits and beliefs.
  7. Mind, body, and heart in conflict, who wins?
  8. To heal your problems/issues you have to heal the main source cause of all problems.
  9. To heal your the main source cause, you have to heal your mind.
  10. Recognizing you don't need a cover up anymore.
  11. Focus on healing instead of coping.
  12. Focus on solutions, results, and integrating.

There are more secret keys...Would you like to know and learn what is the main source of most issues and problems?...Take the oppportunity to sign up now.

You will learn:

  •     The integrated codes how to heal and help yourself with most inner core issues in daily life.
  •     The few seconds techniques for resolving daily stress and core issues.
  •      How to identify the source of any issues cause.
  •      How to remove emotional, physical, relational, and success limitations related in your daily life.
  •      How to correct any physical, emotional, inner core, or relational issues cause.
  •      How to realize the breakthrough of success in your health, life, and career/business.
  •      The steps how to heal the issues related, that had been holding you back knowingly or unknowingly.
  •      Why the source and/issues happens.
  •      To eliminate self-limiting & negative statements from our thoughts and speaking.
  •      The information’s that you will need to start healing/integrate/embracing your inner core issues.
  •      How to find the source that is blocking you from your success and healings.
  •      Some exercises for dealing with stress and issues that arises in daily life.
  •      To understand how your problem develops, where they come from, what they contain, why it resist healing.
  •      About the research and theory that will reveal the source and the underlying cause of most health problems and inner core issues.

There are more secret keys in the Primordial Mastery (TM)  mentoring program.  Primordial Mastery (TM) program is like Quantum Psychic healing program that heals both the emotional and physical issues/problems.  We will be teaching you the Integrated Codes for your success. 


     You may be thinking you have heard one too many “stories” of promises of a breakthrough, miracles, life changes, and more… I have too!  However, I believe in speaking the truth out of integrity.  I will only teach you “sate hitam satyam” the path of ultimate truth of the discovery and insight that I have learned, experienced, and applied. ~Angel Heide

Perhaps you may have done your own exhuastive research looking to find solutions for how to deal with or heal your problems/issues.  You may have tried a few methods that benefited you the most, however you felt you have wasted your money and time on others that did not benefit you.

     Wouldn’t you want to know and learn from someone who has been there and experienced it?  I don’t ask or force you to accept my program of truth.  I only ask you that you make a choice to take the challenge to learn from someone who has researched, experienced, and applied all the secret keys to happiness and healing the beginning source of your life, health, mind, and core issues would you rather become the master of your success, or lose the opportunity?  It is your choice.

I have learned if the universe places something in front of you, take it otherwise it will become a lost opportunity.  Would you want to find out what is the beginning source of all problems or issues and the Integrated Codes are? It is your choice.


Go ahead and take the opportunity now and sign up for our mentoring programs.  Email Heide at: Sharingourfieldsofdreams@yahoo.com  to get started or fill out application now .  You will receive:



Total Value of Primordial Success Mastery(TM) Programs


2 Months Weekly Private One on One Coaching $2,400

Digital Manual and Online Access Programs $1,000

2 Months Weekly Phone Training Conference $2,400

3 Methods Techique Videos $97


Total Value:  $ 5,897

Your Investment:  $5,897

Now only for $997!


Sounds good?  Want to sign up?

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We are only accepting those serious about committing to healing themself.


As a gift for submitting your application into our program, we invite you to accept our 3 FREE Life changing Primordial Success Mastery (TM) Video Presentations:

    • Healing Relaxation Exercises

    • Codes to Success

    • Secret Keys How to become Unstuck

And one FREE "Statements of Power" pocketbook, personally signed by the author.


  • These bonus materials will give you some powerful tips with an upbeat look at how to achieve your goals and bring you closer to living the life you have always wanted to live.

Complete the Application Form and enjoy this special download now!

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Financing available to those who qualify. -  You can choose your own schedules.  Sessions can be done one on one in person or online depending on locations.  All payments will be done via paypal or credit cards on secured site. (PayPal).

Two $6,000 Scholorships are availiable now, to apply for your share $6,000 in scholorship.  Scholarship Application.   Tell us how your life/career/health/inner core/mind/business/ and/or relationship issues/problems would benefit from our Primordial Mastery program, in 500 words or less.  Certain rules applies.  (Deadline October 30, 2011.)

Two well known Doctors has validated Primordial Mastery (TM) methods scienticfically. 


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