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Heide helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and people who feel lost by not making enough money building thier business and life.  She will help them to grow their business quickly by implementing a variety of strategies rearranging and/or rebuilding ingredients for merging their personal branding, mulitple profession, and marketing strategies.

The interrelationship among enterpreneurs and the clients and the key ingredient of building a business can be somewhat mysterious. But whether you have a business or starting a business, it's a good idea to understand the key ingredients what the client wants and need.

She take people through the key ingredient parts of building a business in the order in which it would be constructed together so it make sense logically by putting the pieces together.  

For example when creating a building, the archietect/designer has to go through the same steps, in the same order, to "build" it on paper. The only difference and doing it on the ground is that the architect first design it from the exterior perspective and a floor plan so he/she knows how to contruct the whole building by starting with the structeral designs, then site preparations, soil, land, utilities, foundations, stuctures, beams, walls, air, roofs, interior,electricy, water, plumbings and more...

 The dramatic results include more visibility, more credibility, more customers and more income! 



Heide is a creative business and life expert and highly successful serial entrepreneur for over four decades. She supports and motivates others to see their vision, values, strengths and talents.


















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