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Secret Power Statements revealed!

It is the most insightful, eyeopening, and life changing pocketbook that you can take anywhere , whenever you need it! An ulitmate guide on changing the way you think before speaking to manifest more positive outcomes to your life and self esteem. When applied daily your circumstances changes.

Are negative statements representing your current life situation?

Have you been wondering and struggling, for a very long time, as to why
 you have been attracting negativity to yourself and other people?

    Did you know Scientists discovered and know how the words we speak in our brain and the vocal sounds vibrations are responsive between your inner (implicit) thoughts and conscious (explicit) thoughts in your statements how you say the words is WAY more important than they ever thought possible.  ESPESCIALLY when it comes to your financial needs and lifestyle.  You will be astonished when you hear the details!


Your statements in your thoughts are both the words you hear in your mind and the words you speak out loud will manifest your outcomes.  Your life is in your hands. No matter what has happened in your life, you can begin to consciously choose your positive statements in your thoughts. This will change your life. We attract the things that we say in our head before we speak out.


No more self-limiting statements.

Attract “positive” to yourself.

But meanwhile, you can put the new breakthrough to work for you right now!

You can harmonize humanity!

For only $7.95!

Free Shipping!  (For a limited time)


Have you hit a wall in your relationships, money beliefs, health, conversations and/or any aspects of your life?  And encountering more challenges with your communication than you anticipated?  Are you looking for ways to stop attracting negativity to yourself and others?

Are you ready to achieve the breakthrough you want?  If you feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled, depressed, frustrated, fearful, unhappy and/or the like are holding you back from achieving the life you want, the chances are...

Your life is the result of all your previous thinking. Heide helps business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals to improve their relationship, health, communications, money beliefs, business, career and all other aspects of their life to a new level by implementing a variety of her "Statements of Power" book and Primordial Success Mastery LLC TM methods.  The dramatic results you will:

  • Create stunning statements that will get rave reviews!

  • Learn Exactly What to Say & How to Say it.

  • Eliminate stress and fear from speaking.

  • Hook your audience and people around you.

  • Develop your voice.

  • Create Statements points.

  • Improve your relationship with others.

  • Handle the negative & turn them into positive.

  • Excel in interviews.

  • Build your self- esteem and others.

  • Get the secrets to guarantee your Success.

  • Build your confidence and Image.

  • Rise up in your business communications.

  • Learn to improve your communication level.

  • Attract more positive and happiness to your life.

Heide is a creative Business & Life Renovation Expert and successful entrepreneur.  She encourages, support and motivates others to lead to an inspired successful life that produces results integrity of love and trusted authority.

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