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About Heide

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Business & Life Renovation Expert,
Speaker, Best Selling Author,
Human Potiential Mentor &
Fitness Trainer

 In the area of human potential mentor, no one is better known or more respected than Heide

For more than 20 years, Heide Hargreaves also known as Acumen Angel Heide has focused solely on helping people from all walks of life and various organizations find their passion and purpose, inspiring many individuals and entrepreneurs to achieve success in their lives, through her remarkable acumen gift of divine inspiration, powerful insights and enlightening messages from both of her newly released best selling "Statements of Power" book & guidebook and Primordial Success Mastery programs LLC TM have helped awaken and created a powerful change in entrepreneurs, countless organizations, and millions of individuals worldwide. 

She is an author of best selling "Statements of Power" 2010 book & guide book, “The Wall” 2006, "Firefigher from Within" and four upcoming books "The Deaf Millionaire Mind," "Inner Reflection of You," "Winning the Face of Adversity" and "A Diamond from Within." See info at: http://www.sharingourfieldsofdreams.com/books.html  In 2006, Heide was honored as a co-author of a children mystery book "The Wall" (2006) with other Phoenix writers for the 50th anniversary of the Phoenix Writers Club (P.W.C.) The book itself won 3rd place in the Phoenix Children Literacy Writers Contest. The Book was intentionally made for celebrating the PWC 50th Anniversary. She became the first deaf author in the club.

Heide is one of the top Arizona Fitness trainers, teaching Aerobics for over 26 years and has been a professional business speaker since 2006, in fact that she is not just hearing impaired but legally deaf, it doesn't stop her from being a speaker, trainer, instructor and leader in her chosen field and from starting a fledgling successful groups and business from her home into being a one million dollar business in diverse industries including cleaning business, event company, professional speaking, consulting business and fitness training. She now works with people of all walks of life to entrepreneurs to help them renovate their business and life.

If you've met or seen Heide on stage, or at a fitness club you will know she's full of energy, love and enthusiasm. Her personality transcends an abundance of love… for every human being on this earth...

Groups & Companies Founded:

Primordial Success Mastery Program LLC TM   http://www.primordialsuccessmastery.com - An program that teaches individual the integrated methods on how to heal and help self to identify the source causes of all health, life issues and more...

Sharing Our Fields of Dreams Network http://www.sharingourfieldsofdreams.com - An company which trains and work side by side with small business owners, entrepreneurs, organization and motivated individuals to help them with start ups, business strategy, branding, job posts assignments and proven marketing techniques by building an trusted authority and integrity based business.

Christian Cleaning Detail Services.-  An christian based cleaning business that cleans everything in detail.

ASL LOA Group (American Sign Language Law of Attraction) - An group which provides self discovery education and training to the hearing/deaf community on how the Law of Attraction works in their life. 

At Home Trainer Association - An company that provides personal fitness trainers in home or at gym or traveling and training for personal trainers.

Influential People Magazine - http://www.influentialpeoplemag.com - An online people magazine featuring a host of influential people that are making an enduring impact around the world, from social media, business, health/fitness to transformational leaders.


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